Terrible! Just found out marketing “wires tapped!”

Necessity is the mother of all invention, so it shouldn’t surprise me much that the “Eavesdropping On Marketing” podcast took form so quickly once we committed ourselves to recording our conversations. In fact, it should have come along much sooner.

The idea is simple: listen in as two colleagues talk frankly about our day-to-day marketing challenges, many of which we believe are shared by marketers everywhere.

For years, my friend and longtime colleague, Joergen Aaboe and I have helped each other along. From the time he worked with me at ValueClick and in the years that followed, we’ve had countless long chats about our respective marketing endeavors, often speaking from our cars on the long commute from the Conejo Valley to Santa Monica.

There was no podcast to speak of then, just two guys doing the best they could to promote our respective technology startups and helping each other along. A typical conversation would start with, “Hey I need to warm something up.” What followed would vary widely, from tactical, to strategic to the downright silly, but we could always count on each other to serve as a constructive (and sometimes harsh) critic while serving as a sounding board for whatever was going on for us professionally.

Now, some 15 years into our relationship, we’re still calling each other to “warm something up” or to “break down” an industry topic, only this time we’re recording and posting it online for all to hear. Nothing overly produced — in fact it is decidedly *not* produced, which we think may give it some charm. It likely won’t be interesting to most, but for those who may benefit from listening in on two senior marketers chatting about the very real day-to-day practice of B2B marketing, boy have we got a show for you!

I’m proud that Joergen and I are still helping each other along after all this time, and I hope our conversations will benefit some entrepreneur, student, CEO or fellow marketing colleague who can learn from our experience, including the mistakes we’ve made and the accomplishments of which we’re most proud.

So, if you think you might find value in being a fly on the wall of our conversations, I invite you to please subscribe to “Eavesdropping on Marketing” and to let us know what you think about our perspective from the trenches of B2B marketing in 2017 and beyond.

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