Hi, I’m Tony

For those who know me well, this update won’t come as a surprise — but this post isn’t for them. It’s for the rest of my network — the countless clients, colleagues and contacts I’ve encountered over the years and lost touch with or never got to know in the first place. Maybe that’s you? Or maybe we haven’t met yet. Either way, I hope you’ll allow me to introduce (or reintroduce) myself. Here goes…

Hi, my name is Tony Winders. I’m a marketing expert. I’m also a master networker, content producer, aspiring entrepreneur, amateur musician, family man, good friend and an infinitely curious student of the world. I am currently CMO and Principal Consultant at Winders Consulting Group, a B2B content marketing firm. I’m also the co-founder of Pepper Bandits, LLC, which makes the foods you love spicier.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve met thousands of media, marketing and advertising technology professionals through my work on the management teams of Search123, ValueClick Media and GumGum. Go back a few more years to the dot-com era, and there are thousands more from when I was co-founder iAgency. Yet, for all of the amazing people I’ve met, I can do a better job of keeping in touch and explaining what I do and the value I’ve added to the hundreds of organizations I’ve served. All that changes today.

I recently updated my site to reflect my focus in 2017 and beyond. Browse around you’ll see I’ve weaved together the things I’m most passionate about alongside my marketing consulting practice. Why combine work and personal interests? Besides being an authentic expression of what I’m up, they’re actually quite interdependent and support each other in unique ways.

I’ve organized my focus around three categories: “Marketer,” “Entrepreneur” and “Connector.”

Marketer – Winders Consulting Group provides B2B marketing leadership and services for all sizes and types of companies. I’m proud to include Adadyn, Brand Innovators, Dstillery, FinditParts, GumGum, inPowered, Jetpack, K2 Teams and Noble Profit among the clients we’ve served over the past two years. Whether standing in as CMO-for-hire, providing consulting services or building teams to execute full-scale marketing campaigns, we’re leveraging my experience and the expertise of a deep bench of talented marketing professionals to deliver a wide range of integrated programs and solutions. 

Can we work together? Let me know.

Entrepreneur – There have been a few times in my career when an idea was so good I couldn’t look back and say I didn’t try. That’s how I felt about iAgency, and that has been the case with my wife’s recipe and an untapped market opportunity that led us to create a new spicy food company, Pepper Bandits, LLC. Our first product is Fuegorita, a dry hot pepper blend — think crushed red pepper but a lot hotter! I’m enjoying putting my marketing skills to work for a business I own and this year we’ll introduce new products and open retail and restaurant channels.

Are you connected to the food industry? Let’s talk!

Love spicy food? Please buy a bottle!

Connector – If you’ve ever received an email from me that ends with “good networking,” then you’ve experienced my passion for connecting people who can help each other along. I take a lot of pride in my networking skills, and in many ways it’s my stock in trade which clients appreciate because they know I’m usually only a click away from someone who can help achieve whatever the task at hand. In 2017 I’ll be producing marketing meetups, speaking at conferences and hosting private networking dinners in different cities and at key industry events. Along with my partners, we’re currently programming a lineup of LA AdTech events and working toward the 10th Annual Digital Family Reunion in Los Angeles this December.

Want to connect? Shoot me an email!

A former client once said we spend the first 20 years of our careers building our networks and the next 20 leveraging them. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my network this year and seeing what amazing opportunities we can spin up together. For my part, I plan to publish more content, teach more classes, mentor young professionals and intentionally grow a marketing organization that will help my clients and partners get more of the business they want.

As I seek to do things a bit differently this year, I challenge you to do the same and to “put yourself out there” in unique ways that will lead you to accomplishing everything you want, both personally and professionally. I would enjoy the opportunity to identify mutually beneficial ways for us to work together. Please let me know what you’re up to so we can keep each other in mind as opportunities present themselves in the months and years ahead.